About Us

Based in [City] area[1] , SchoolShock is an online marketplace that brings together parents, teachers, and students to make school supplies accessible to disenfranchised communities[2] . Founded in [Year] by [Founder Full Name], we strive to offer a wide assortment ranging from journals, writing utensils, locker accessories, and other classroom essentials for students of all ages.

As the son of an educator, [Founder First Name] knows firsthand how a lack of resources can put scholars at a disadvantage. Not all kids have access to the resources they need to succeed in the classroom.[3]  We are excited to provide a secure platform that enables people to capitalize off of their lightly used supplies and support those in need, at a discounted rate. [4] We are committed to preserving a safe space of verified sellers, servicing the needs of teachers and parents, to ensure students everywhere receive the support they need to reach their full potential. [5] 

Establishing where you’re based, even though this is an online marketplace, builds rapport

Clearly articulate the people you serve. Speak to your audience

Introduce your personal story to connect with your audience

Cater to both constituents. Articulate the benefits

Emphasize value. People want assurance that these products are legit.