College Budget: How to Save Money & Cut Expenses in College

Let’s face it: college is expensive. Tuition isn’t the only expense. There’s also books, school supplies, as well as furniture and decor for your dorm room (if you’re staying in one). All of this adds up, which is why you are going to need to cut expenses where you can. We’re going to take a look at some of the practical ways you can get develop a college budget, without it hurting too much.

Buy Used Textbooks & School Supplies

One of the biggest expenses for college students is related to all the ridiculously expensive books that have to be bought. You can cut down on nearly 70% of the costs by buying used school supplies or buying used textbooks. When you use a school supplies and textbook marketplace like School Shock to get used textbooks and other supplies, you are going to be saving quite a bit of money. Buying things you need for school second-hand has become an increasingly-popular solution to the massive costs of new class textbooks.

Drink Less, or Smarter

Buying beer all of the time adds up. Besides, your health will be better if you drink less. However, if you want to full embrace the spirit of drinking while at college, as is tradition, do it less or do it smarter. You can buy the cheap beer that will taste just fine after you get a good buzz going. You can even get some better quality alcohol to start off with, followed by the cheap Pabst kind, that you won’t even notice the taste of. You can also go to parties and drink for free, or near it, saving you lots of coin.

Brew Your Own Coffee

Another drink that racks up on costs is coffee. Yes, that brown sludge that every student seems to need to start their engines every morning is expensive, especially when you buy it from a cafe. Save yourself around $2.50 a day but taking a few minutes in the morning to brew your own. That’s a few hundred dollars saved right there, and you still get to have your coffee!

These are three really big expenses in college that you can now reel in. There’s more you can do, but this is a great start that will save you an eye-popping amount of money.

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